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by turning over a new leaf

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For two decades, STEM education has emphasized the core disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Feeling unacknowledged, arts educators began to integrate “A” (arts) into STEM to produce STEAM.
STEAM, however, is designed to support and improve the education of science. It is NOT designed to recognize the value and capacity inherent in the arts and humanities themselves.
Arts serve a purpose beyond simply supporting STEM. STEM is vital in today’s world, but so are the arts and humanities. The proponents of STEAM are obscuring the essential identity of both STEM and of the arts and humanities.

AIR4arts introduces LEAF

Literature, Entertainment, Art and Fashion

In nature, plants grow through balance and harmony, embracing the elements to create new life, flowering to create beauty and to bear fruit.
The stem is the core of the plant, the foundation that enables all growth. The foliage, however, provides the fuel necessary for flower and fruit.
The (STEM) provides the technological core of our society. The (LEAF) fuels the soul of our lives.

The future demands STEM and LEAF side-by-side

< Watch the AIRTime episode from October 2021 featuring host David Fisher as he interviews AIR4arts Board member Tony Hurtado.
Tony shares how AIR4arts is reimagining STEM and building the framework for LEAF.
Focusing on Literature, Entertainment, Art and Fashion (LEAF) provides a balance for holistic growth and a harmony crucial for the human spirit. These academic disciplines nourish our souls, enhance our lives and lend further value to the world around us.
We at AIR4arts believe the STEM disciplines are critical. No less critical are the disciplines of LEAF. Working in harmony, both are essential for the growth of future generations.

AIR4arts intends to be the catalyst
that brings LEAF education, integration and expansion
to our local and global communities

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