Our Vision is to Be an Invaluable Resource and Advocate for Creatives, Artists and Innovators

From our President, David Nethery

September 2023

From its roots as the Richardson Fine Arts Center to its evolution as AIR and now our upcoming transformation into the Arts Advocacy Alliance, AIR4arts has championed and celebrated creativity across all artistic realms!

But, we’re not just stopping at a name change; we’re initiating a revolutionary vision! Imagine the creative arts taking center stage, just like STEM. We’re forging a new educational landscape, starting with K-12 and even reaching into the domain of higher education. Our mission? To ignite young minds!

We will fan those sparks of imagination in students, from fashionistas to literary wizards, musical prodigies to thespian dynamos, and every painter, dancer, sculptor, and performer in between. Our goal is to show them that the arts can be a lifelong calling, and a profitable one at that.

We won’t be teaching art per se; instead, we’ll partner with educators exploring the unbridled opportunities that the arts provide. We’re crafting cutting-edge modules, perfect for both the classroom and summer camps, that fit seamlessly into existing curricula.

Going beyond inspiring the creatives, we will also explore the “nitty-gritty” of making art a career, with programs to support artists in the business skills of their art. The world needs visionary artists, not “starving artists”!

Help us to empower creators. Together, we can make this happen.

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