Creativity is not cancelled.

Inspiration is not cancelled.

Art is not cancelled.

We are all braving a new world, and we trust you are doing so with grace and in good health. Even in these uncharted waters of a pandemic, we know that art and creativity are essential. AIR4arts has had to cancel or postpone many of its activities in 2020, but our desire to share beauty with you is irrepressible.

The mission of AIR4arts is to provide a platform to nurture and celebrate artists and innovative thinkers through educational, inspirational and supportive programs and resources. Help creatives enhance their professional and entrepreneurial skills, allowing them to prosper in their fields.

Recognizing our collective need to be able to encounter and appreciate art and those who create it, the board of AIR4arts has developed a special section on our website called AIRCreates. Here we want to feature the talents of a diverse sampling of creative genius from the Dallas Metroplex and beyond. Whether an exposition of professional artists or the presentation of home-schooled children, we wish to brighten and lighten your day.

Through social media, new posts will be publicized and available on the website. We will have a section of today’s artists and a special greenhouse section for the “up and coming” creatives under the age of 18. We will feature posts from artists who are familiar to AIR. We want you to submit your creations for others to share as well.

Call for Artists

Are you an artist, a creative, a musician, a dancer, a writer, a performer, or a maker? Art comes in many forms. We want to celebrate you!

We are looking for artists to feature in our AIRCreates series. Please submit a request to be considered by clicking on the button below. Please include the following in your message:

  • Name, email, phone, location (city)
  • Type of art, craft, or talent
  • How did you get your start in art?
  • What do you love about your art, performing, creating?
  • Do you have photos, digital images, audio or video files you can share?
  • How can supporters find you online? Provide links to your website and social media.
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