Geno Carlino

Mix a passion for and a talent to sing and make beautiful music. Stir with a major dose of Sinatra, flavors of the Beatles and peppered with the Allman Brothers. This is Geno Carlino.

Geno grew up in a talented musical family outside of Philadelphia. His father, a first-generation Italian American, sang opera as he listened to Mario Lanza and Caruso. Geno’s mother, a self-taught pianist, taught Geno how to play as well.

Along with opera and piano, Geno enjoyed listening to Frank Sinatra on the radio on a regular basis, American Bandstand and the Beatles. When he started to play the guitar at 16, he learned every Beatles song. In addition, Classic Rock, Southern Rock and the Allman Brothers were favorites to sing.

After moving to Texas, Geno either played in or formed various bands, playing all over North Texas. Sometimes he was a member of two bands simultaneously. More recently, Geno has played primarily at restaurants, events and country clubs. His repertoire of Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett have been particularly well-received by patrons.

Geno believes he has a gift, an appreciation for music and lyrics and creativity and emotion. He works hard at his craft, practicing almost daily. Geno states, “I love a great horn section and the quaintness of a violin scratching a piece of nylon in a tender moment of a ballad.” Connecting with his audiences, Geno is thrilled when they sing along to his songs and/or request certain favorites. When he receives the compliment from patrons thinking they were listening to the restaurant’s recorded music, Geno says, “it doesn’t get any better than that.”

And then there is dancing. Geno loves every aspect. “The physical connection of two people slow dancing and looking one another in the eyes as the curvature of their bodies fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It is pure beauty and makes me smile.”

Geno Carlino at Apollonias
Geno Carlino at Apollonias Italian Kitchen, Richardson TX

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