Networking. Idea spreading. Change making.

Group cultivates seeds of creativity and inspiration for more engaged community as shared by SEED peep, Susan Yost.

Alignment specialist. Silo demolitionist. The Burning Bush. Storyteller. String puller. Glass cracker.

These are examples of what you’ll see on nametags of those who attend SEED, a community group that’s sprouted in partnership with AIR (Arts Incubator of Richardson). The nametags are not only clever icebreakers, but a great way to make your brain think differently about who you are and what kind of “creative seeds” are tucked inside—something all of us are capable of doing.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, creativity is the ability to make new things or think new ideas. That’s exactly the mission behind SEED.

When people hear the word “creative,” they tend to think you have to know how to do something artistic. But, creativity comes in all forms. Maybe you’re a creative problem solver, doctor, business developer, urban planner, city leader, organizational expert, teacher, or accountant (who we believe are math magicians!).

When you allow yourself to slow down and tap into a creative space, whether in your mind or physically in a place, something organically medicinal happens. When you feed your soul, you’re a happier person. Happy people make for a strong, healthy community.

In fact, Richardson made the “Top 10 Happiest Mid-sized Cities in America” list by Movoto Real Estate in 2015, a national online real estate brokerage. With 100,000 residents, great City leadership, engaged citizens, parks and recreation, a focus-driven Cultural Arts Commission, and tons of revitalization happening, SEED is a way to tap into the minds of people from all walks of life and help keep the happiness flowing.

If you have a career or interest in creativity and innovation, then you’re in need somewhere in the Richardson area.

“SEED is not only an outlet where creative minds merge, but a catalyst for trying new artistic endeavors and inspiring the ‘creative’ within us all,” said Kitty Goddard, President of AIR and long-time Richardson resident.

Watch your social media feeds for SEED happenings and join other talented, passionate and social-minded citizens who have a desire to become more involved in the creative strata in Richardson. Right now, SEED is seeking volunteers to help with speakers and meetings. Plus, if there’s a need in the community where we can apply talents or our SEED peeps, we want to know about it.

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